Posi Peach: Day 12

TW: food

Feeling: a bit sick idk why, Location: home – back again, Cigarettes: 1 ONE PESKY LITTLE ‘UN, Assignment updates: 0/3 completed 100/5500 words outstanding

  • Woke up peacefully and in a pretty good mood – wtf 
  • Dressed and got ready without too much rushing
  • caught my bus without having to wait long at all 
  • Had a really positive day at work! Wouldn’t be able to list absolutely everything but it was quiet enough for me to hang out and chat with everyone and some of my favourite children were in 
  • Had some really tasty Sainsbury’s cookies, they reminded me of S from school days 
  • Handled an uncomfortable moment on the tube with a male commuter
  • Enjoyed food shopping with my dad – I was able to buy lots of snacks and ‘unhealthy’ food, he didn’t  question my choices or forced me to pick out ‘pre-approved’ food, as was the case a year ago – it felt like we’ve made great progress  
  • Supported my mum’s friend J through a family crisis
  • Also got to finally meet J’s daughters who are lovely
  • Washed my hair and teased out most knots 

Tomorrow: Make a decision about NYE, wtf are you doing 


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