Posi Peach: Day 11

Feeling: so sleepy, Location: flat – finally! Cigarettes: 6, Assignment updates: 0/3 completed 100/5500 words done 

  • I woke up early enough to say goodbye to mum as I probably won’t see her again until after the new year 
  • It didn’t take me a long time to get ready as I had laid out everything the night before, this was a massive relief 
  • Made it onto the train I was aiming for 
  • Oyster card already had money on it so I didn’t have to dip into my wallet just yet 
  • I got a seat on the tube! 
  • Made it though my shift at work, coped with unexpectedly seeing someone from my past and spontaneously led a grammar and punctuation workshop for 13 children – go me 
  • Took myself on a date, went to see Rogue One and enjoyed my own company for the most part 
  • Thanked myself for leaving my room tidy and my bed really nicely made
  • Did some laundry and my laundry basket is completely empty 
  • Took advantage of being home alone to use my new bath bomb and have a longer bath without interruption 
  • Made myself a proper dinner and didn’t panic that I didn’t have my laptop to watch something while eating, which is what I normally do 
  • Thoroughly brushed my hair

Tomorrow: decide where I’m going for NYE


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