Posi Peach: Day 10

Feeling: fidgety, Location: home, Cigarettes: 2, Assignment updates: 0/3 completed 100/5500 words outstanding

  • woke up before 9 am, wasn’t in the greatest mood but still made it out of the house before 9.30am, to provide a service for someone else
  • I went to a party! They really appreciated my being there and messaged me afterwards to thank me. Am working on a blog post going into more detail about how I felt being thrust into a social situation, but long story short, it went well
  • Felt confident in my outfit today, even with a last minute change
  • Drove around loads blasting music, felt reminiscent of the old days when I used to live at home and my only fun activity was to drive down the motorways with loud music playing
  • Supported a friend S who shared their recent struggle with anxiety, I gave them loads of advice and felt v grateful that they came to me at all
  • Coped with a change of plan, I didn’t go back to my flat tonight, I will go tomorrow and that is okay
  • Took some timeout this evening without apology
  • Sorted out my worn and unworn clothes which had been piling up
  • Arranged for someone to cover my shift next Saturday in order to give myself time to look after myself, have been putting this off for a long time
  • Put on new socks
  • Drank lots of cold water

Tomorrow: six hours at work, first night back in London



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