Posi Peach: Day 8

Feeling: chill, Location: home, Cigarettes: 3, Assignment updates: 0/3 completed 0/5500 words outstanding

Guys I literally did nothing today

  • woke up
  • got dressed
  • had breakfast
  • coped with a change of plans really well, I had thought we would be shopping and/or watching Rogue One, but instead we decided to relax and I was totally fine with that
  • managed to sit without fidgeting for up to ten minutes, which might be a personal record, and did not spend the entire asking my mum ‘what shall we do now?’ ‘what’s the plan?’ I just relaxed my ass off
  • sat on the sofa for like twelve hours and watched a combination of trashy and quality TV like a boss
  • brought a very toxic relationship to an end and feel amazing – reached out to a sister for support and my feelings were validated
  • watched the movie Pride and felt v inspired to not give up on my activism and to maybe date a spunky girl
  • spoke with S, R, S, F, A and C which was literally a record, I feel great

Tomorrow: shopping, and chill


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