Posi Peach: Day 6

[image description: still of Snoop wearing dark glasses, a Santa hat and a fur coat draped around his shoulders. He has his hands under his chin with a large book placed in front of him. A caption reads ”Twas the nizzle before Christmizzle, all through the hizzle’]

TW: mental health, money 

Feeling: anxious af, Location: home, Cigarettes: 3 (yay), Assignment updates: 0/3 completed 0/5500 words outstanding

N.B. I’m aware that I need to provide more of an explanation of what I’m doing here as I have some new visitors and I realise it’s not super clear what this is for. I mean it’s simple, I’m recording every success from each day, whether it’s as small as opening my curtains or saving someone’s life. It’s not really for anyone else as I’m trying to demonstrate that it’s okay to do this solely for myself. I would suggest this for people who have experienced trauma of some kind but don’t want to see lots of triggering accounts of the ongoing struggle, but instead would just like to see a fellow survivor continuing on with their daily life and unite over the small successes. And being positive etc. Anyway… 

  • Slept in without apology 
  • Went through some SFE admin with mum which has been playing on my mind since September. I didn’t berate myself too much today for leaving it so late, as I recognised I have been plenty hard on myself since then
  • Had a pleasant conversation with her in which I expressed how nice it has been not feeling the need to hide habits/things about myself e.g. eating habits, smoking, sexuality, natural appearance 
  • Brushed my hair 
  • Avoided spending too much money even though I had lots of temptation being in town
  • Wore a new Christmas jumper! Outdoors. Was mostly covered by massive scarf but it was good 
  • Saw Moana and felt ALL THE FEELS -hopefully will be able to hash out an op piece 
  • Ate a wholesome dinner tonight but didn’t end up feeling too bloated 
  • Took some careful time outs when I felt myself getting increasingly anxious, managed to control outbursts and avoided burnout from concealing true feelings
  • Wore my favourite Disney princess pyjamas 
  • Personal care: showered in the morning, body moisturiser, skin care

Tomorrow: Christmas, lol 


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