Posi Peach: Day 3

Feeling: sick and anxious, Location: flat, Cigarettes: 18, Assignment updates: 0/3 completed 0/5500 words outstanding

  • Woke up on time 
  • Made a cup of coffee for myself and a tea for C 
  • Replied to some of my friends that I’ve been ignoring for almost a week and had some great catch ups 
  • Managed to suppress any feelings of jealousy when my friend F told me about her new relationship 
  • Followed through on my positive decisions about my work and stayed committed to my decision 
  • Went outside! 
  • Bought and wrapped lots of presents for my family and feel very excited to give them away 
  • Made myself a proper dinner for two nights in a row 
  • Took my bin out 
  • Personal care: body shower, body moisturiser, skin care routine + face mask 

Tomorrow: 8 hour day at work and then HOME!! 


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