Posi Peach: Day 2

Feeling: so bloody tired, Location: flat, Cigarettes: 13, Assignment updates: 0/3 completed 0/5500 words outstanding

  • had a really enjoyable day buying presents for mum and dad and feel so excited to give them their presents
  • managed to be in lots of intimidating public situations, in really middle class hipster crowds and had no panic attacks
  • made a friend called R and gave him one of my badges
  • still made it to work in time and managed to stay for three and a half hours
  • made some positive decisions about my work situation in the new year, and sent an email to managers explaining this
  • sent two admin emails
  • supported C when she was feeling low, later went to the shop together and had midnight hot chocolates whilst planning our day out tomorrow
  • wrapped up all of C’s presents and started to pack my bag in preparation for going home on Wednesday
  • received a compliment about the quality of my hair and my new lip tint
  • Personal care: body shower, body moisturiser, skin care routine

Tomorrow: Spend the day with C!!


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