Posi Peach: Day 1

Feeling: restless, Location: flat, Cigarettes: 7, Assignment updates: 0/3 completed 0/5500 words outstanding

  • woke up without an alarm
  • made myself a coffee and managed to drink it all
  • felt confident in my slouchy outfit today and feel good about repeating this outfit tomorrow
  • tried out new makeup today which I thought suited my face quite well and felt prettier than yesterday
  • left the flat
  • contributed at a campaigns meeting for *M* and did not feel too overwhelmed with the workload
  • saw my friend A and felt comfortable with physical contact, spent over three hours together and felt supported
  • gave a roll up to my other friend A, who told me ‘the effort is more important than the result’- being with activists always gives me new quotes to live by
  • bought some chocolate for C which she was grateful for and was comfortable to spontaneously chat with her for at least fifteen minutes – later felt confident enough to ask for a favour in return to which she said yes and also asked to go for coffee
  • replied to C whose last message was almost a week ago, discussed self care and love
  • received a message from D who welcomed me to a new group *W* which I am so excited to be part of, managed to maintain a chat for at least five messages and join three working groups
  • changed socks and underwear
  • Personal care: face mask, body and hair shower, body moisturiser, olive oil in hair, night time skin care routine

Tomorrow: CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! Try to be positive at work


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