I made some mistakes today

TW: eating disorder

  • I woke up really, embarrassingly late
  • I didn’t eat or drink anything before leaving the house so I found myself desperate for food and ended up spending money I didn’t have
  • I left my bed unmade and my window closed and upset myself with the musty feeling when I came home
  • I under performed at work today and found myself getting so frustrated and also distracted
  • I spent £35, when I only had £56 in my account, on food
  • I ate far too much food and made myself throw up
  • I ignored messages from my mum which means I missed the chance to see her while she was in town – we’re doing well and I don’t want to ruin things
  • I contemplated skipping a shower today, but I did finally go around 12.30am

I’m so grumpy today? Like really moody and grumpy and shitty.

But I am about to start Twin Peaks and I have a hot chocolate ready, so here’s hoping shit’ll get better.


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